Your Treatment

First, a hygienist will evaluate your risks of poor oral health and then advise you how improve your oral health (see video).

Once you consent to proceed with Prevora treatment, the hygienist applies this medication to your teeth using a small brush. This takes about 10 minutes.

Prevora can be applied after a dental cleaning or before/after a scaling of your gums in a dental practice.
Prevora can also be applied by a mobile hygienist in a community centre, a medical practice, a hospital or a long-term care home or in assisted living. The procedure is modified but can be just as effective.

Patients need 4 Prevora treatments over 8 to 10 weeks and 1 Prevora treatment 6 months later. At one year, the hygienist will assess the need for further treatments by evaluating any signs of gum inflammation or emerging decay.

Watch a dental hygienist consult with a diabetic patient about his oral inflammation (video 3:5 minutes)

Prevora is very safe and reduces harmful bacteria on your teeth and gum line for months.