Answering your questions

Some group dental plans cover Prevora but some do not. The Canada Dental Care Plan covers the hygienist fees for 2 applications per year, depending on your income and the fees charged by your hygienist.

More Prevora applications may be covered with a pre-determination by your hygienist.

No serious side effects related to Prevora have been reported over thousands of treatments and patients. Rarely, during Prevora's application, patients experience a short bitter taste, a coating sensation on the teeth or a tingling of the gums. These minor side effects last a few moments and are well tolerated.

Much improved oral health. Far fewer cavities, much less bleeding when you brush your teeth.

Prevora uniquely works to reduce bacterial infections in your dental plaque which cause cavities at the gum line, and associated bleeding gums. Fluoride has shown little effect on these harmful bacteria.

Type 2 diabetes and poor oral health are inter-related. One condition influences the other. Diabetic adults experience twice the level of cavities and oral inflammation as non-diabetics. And poor oral health significantly increases the risks of unstable or elevated diabetes and its complications such as retinopathy and neuropathy.

For months. Hence, you and your hygienist should notice much less plaque when you return for your next hygiene visit.

Crowns commonly fail because of recurrent tooth decay. Prevora lowers the level of destructive bacteria on the teeth, which may extend the life of crowns.