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Prevora treats the bacteria which cause cavities and gum disease

Cavities, failed crowns, sore and bleeding gums, loose teeth, tooth extractions, root canals and the need for dental implants, all result from bacterial infections in the mouth.

These infections are called "oral dysbiosis", a medical term meaning the bacteria in the dental plaque have become harmful to the teeth and gums.

Oral dysbiosis is an important medical condition. It can affect not only your teeth and gums, it is a risk factor for heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, cognitive decline, frailty, digestive, kidney and respiratory problems, inflammation, and certain cancers.

Prevora safely, effectively and affordably manages these harmful bacteria on your teeth and at the gum line. To protect your oral health and your overall health, Prevora manages oral dysbiosis.


What is Prevora?

Prevora is a clear medication painlessly applied by a hygienist to your teeth. Prevora is safe, effective and saves the cost of dental surgery.

home_dental hygenist with patient

Better Oral Health, Lower Cost

Prevora is a new approach to preventive oral healthcare. It deals with the cause of dental decay and gum disease -- harmful bacteria.

A bacteria which causes blood on your toothbrush

Bacteria Cause Poor Oral Health

Bacteria on the teeth and gum line cause cavities & gum disease. Often, these bacteria need extra treatment to avoid poor oral health.

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