Your cost savings with Prevora

The financial costs of cavities: 2 of these 3 teeth have fillings caused by harmful bacteria on the teeth. And likely over the next 3 years, these 2 teeth will require more dental surgery, perhaps involving an implant or a crown with a root canal. The cost could be thousands of dollars. And the harmful bacteria remain in the mouth to cause more damage. Prevora breaks this cycle of dental spending.

The health and financial costs of gum disease: Bleeding gums are the start of gum disease. They also expose your circulatory system to harmful oral bacteria which cause inflammation in other parts of your body, put you at risk of high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, mood disorders, heart and respiratory problems, and frailty and dementia. Dental scaling for gum disease can be frequent, uncomfortable and often ineffective at managing oral inflammation. By contrast, Prevora is painless, far quicker and can reduce the need for more spending on periodontal scaling.

Prevora gives you better health at lower cost.

Prevora patients enjoy years without cavities and oral inflammation. Over 5 years, one study estimated Prevora patients spend less than half on dental services than they otherwise would. They also feel better. Just what Healthy Agers want and many need.

Prevora is a preventive procedure covered by those dental plans which include all procedure codes. For those enrolled in the Canda Dental Care Plan, Prevora is covered under code 13601 and 00606 for the hygienist’s fee in applying Prevora twice a year and more often with a pre-determination. The cost of the Prevora medication is not covered by this Plan.

For Seniors seeking Prevora at a special discount, contact your local public dental health department or dental charity in your area, such as Gift from the Heart (the Bay of Quinte, ON).

Bay of Quinte, ON