What patients say about Prevora

Healthy Agers have chosen Prevora for many years and many reasons. Some want to avoid dental surgery and its cost, others need relief from oral inflammation, while others know the risks of poor oral health on their heart, diabetes and their risks for dementia and frailty.

Eileen explains she feels cleaner and healthier on Prevora. 

This video shows Larry’s experience on Prevora.

Watch this video of Terry’s recovery from root decay associated with his treatment of cancer

“I have a heart condition but since Prevora, I have felt better. No more bleeding gums. So, I have more confidence to be physically active.”

Steve, Vaughn, ON

“Since Prevora, I feel it is the first time my mouth has felt healthy.”

Margaret, Hamilton, ON

“I’ve had multiple cavities and now I understand the connection between root cavities and coronary disease. So Prevora makes sense.”

John, Oakville, ON

“My personal experience with Prevora has been outstanding. I needed extra prevention. Prevora delivered it.”

Doug of Canmore, Alberta, is a Healthy Ager who searched for help when he had recurrent cavities because of his Parkinson’s medication.