The affordability problem in oral healthcare

For many years, dentistry has been the most expensive service in healthcare. In fact, in the scheme of all healthcare benefits such as drugs, dental, LTD… poor oral health is often the most costly condition for the employer and for the individual.


As we know it and pay for it, dentistry chases disease. It mops up with surgical procedures after bacteria have damaged the teeth and the gums. It reacts to infections in the mouth.

So you’re asking: why not treat the bacteria in the first place?

For years, there was no reasonable, evidence-based way of doing so.

But now there is with a safe, effective, painless, proven medication called Prevora.

Prevora is applied by hygienists to the patients’ teeth. It delivers an antiseptic which treats the bacteria for long intervals.

Prevora patients go for years without cavities and chronic oral inflammation.

Independent hygienists (those practicing outside of the dental office) are delivering Prevora to their communities and in medical clinics.

In doing so, these healthcare providers are overcoming the affordability problem of oral healthcare.

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