Preventive oral healthcare becomes a medical procedure

“It is just a cleaning” is a common perception of oral healthcare. Something done every few months, non-essential, paid for by the group dental plan, something to postpone for some other activity.

But science says preventive oral healthcare is a critical part of medical care.

A bacterial condition in the mouth, called oral dysbiosis, is now considered a significant risk factor for several major chronic disorders such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, growing cognitive confusion, respiratory and digestive disorders, inflammatory conditions, and even certain cancers.

Oral dysbiosis happens when harmful bacteria take over the dental plaque. The bacteria not only attack the teeth and gums, they migrate into the bloodstream and cause upset in other organs, including the brain.

The good news is that oral dysbiosis is readily diagnosed by registered dental hygienists and corrected with a painless medication called Prevora.

So re-caste the “cleaning” to “an assessment of oral dysbiosis”. It makes for a more certain patient visit.

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