Poor oral health predicts inflammation in your body

Checking for inflammation of the gums is a routine procedure conducted by the dental hygienist. It is called bleeding on probing (BOP).

Several sites of BOP mean the patient has significant risk for periodontal disease.

And, as reported by a study some time ago, BOP predicts elevated inflammation in the body as measured by C-reactive protein (CRP).

Elevated CRP is an important medical marker; it governs medication, trips to the physician and perhaps the specialist, and also how the patient feels.

So BOP = CRP = medical treatment.

Some time ago, this blogger had 12 sites of BOP. The hygienist guided me to Prevora. Within 6 months and 2 Prevora treatments, I had 1 BOP site.

This shows the growing importance of the dental hygienist in medical care.

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