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Prevora is supplied in a treatment kit of 6 treatments at a cost of $360.

Payment is by credit card or e-transfer (info@chxtechnologies.com) only, at the point of ordering. To order, call 1-833-PREVORA (1-833-773-8672).

Shipping Charges

There is a shipping charge of $30 for anywhere in Canada.  For orders of 3 or more kits, there is no shipping charge.

Hours when orders will be received

Orders for Prevora are received by toll-free phone from 8:30AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Call 1-833-PREVORA (1-833-773-8672).

Customers can also leave a phone message on this toll-free number after hours for a call back the next day.

Delivery Schedules

Allow for 1 day delivery in Ontario and 2 days in Quebec.  Allow for next day delivery via air freight elsewhere in Canada; orders for air freight delivery must be received on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

There is no shipment of Prevora on Fridays because it is a refrigerated product.

When your order is delivered, please put Prevora in to your practice's refrigerator to store at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius.


Until March 25, 2022, a Prevora Starter Pack is offered at $495. This special includes 2 Prevora treatment kits, a pack of 25 Prevora patient brochures and free shipping. When ordering, give promocode "starter 01" to the order desk. Please limit one Starter Pack per practice.

Participants in the dental charity, Gift from the Heart, will also be offered special pricing from time to time.  Please check with Gift from the Heart for announcements.

Brochure Packs of 25

Patient brochures are available in packs of 25 brochures, at no charge when ordering 1 or more Prevora treatment kits.

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