Integrating hygiene with medicine

Many high-risk, complex needs adults visit their doctor and their pharmacist more often than the hygienist or the dentist.

Many of these same patients are interested in painless, affordable preventive oral healthcare offered by their physician and pharmacist.

Just look at the positive views of 20 diabetic adults offered Prevora preventive care while visiting their physician (Figure 1).

To help hygienists tap this interest, CHX Technologies, the developer of Prevora, has procedures and revenue sharing arrangements for this new preventive service which interest the doctor and the  pharmacist.

To learn more, contact CHX at 1-800-463-2999 or email

Figure 1 Many diabetic adult patients consider preventive oral healthcare to be very important when offered by their physician

integrating services

Source: DiNardo J et al. 2019. Integrating preventive oral healthcare into the medical management of diabetes: early findings from a Toronto pilot study. Oral Hygiene, September, 14-20.

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