Growing your practice with Prevora

Want to really grow your hygiene practice?

Prevora’s portability, small “footprint” and revenue sharing arrangements give hygienists a new opportunity to practice in medical clinics, pharmacies, mobile clinics and retirement residences.

CHX is forming strategic partnerships for this new approach to integrated care.

If you think a medical clinic or pharmacy near to your practice would be interested in you providing a new, turn-key preventive oral healthcare service, contact CHX to discuss this opportunity to grow your practice. We’ll partner with you and your nearby medical clinics and pharmacies to expand your services in your community.

Call 1-800-463-2999 or email

medical-pharmacy brochure at December 10, 2021

To print out a copy of this brochure for medical clinics or pharmacies, click here.

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If so, we would like to direct you to our Provider website where you will get more in-depth information/pricing about the Prevora product.