Cost & Profit

Practice economics of Prevora

for 1 Prevora treatment
cost of Prevora $60
disposables used directly in Prevora's application $5
professional fees within a hygiene practice (ODHA fee guide for 2022, code 00605, 1 unit = $45.22) $40 to $50

In evaluating Prevora's contribution to your practice, consider the following:

  • The typical Prevora patient is age 70 with 2 or more comorbidities, and a long history of caries and oral inflammation.  A typical hygiene practice can have 2 or more such patients each day.
  • Willingness-to-pay for Prevora is strong, particularly among patients with unresponsive chronic oral inflammation and with a history of root caries -- conditions for which Prevora is ideal.
  • Willingness-to-pay is largely influenced by the strength of the hygienist’s recommendation and the understanding of the patients during the consultation that they have bacterial infections and inflammation in their mouths which are known to aggravate existing medical conditions (e.g. diabetes).
  • Allow for 15 or so minutes per Prevora application, and a total of 30 minutes with patient discussion and clean-up of the treatment room.
  • Prevora patients are among the most loyal patients.
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