Preventive oral healthcare becomes a medical procedure

“It is just a cleaning” is a common perception of oral healthcare. Something done every few months, non-essential, paid for by the group dental plan, something to postpone for some other activity. But science says preventive oral healthcare is a critical part of medical care. A bacterial condition in the mouth, called oral dysbiosis, is […]

The affordability problem in oral healthcare

For many years, dentistry has been the most expensive service in healthcare. In fact, in the scheme of all healthcare benefits such as drugs, dental, LTD… poor oral health is often the most costly condition for the employer and for the individual. Why? As we know it and pay for it, dentistry chases disease. It […]

Poor oral health predicts inflammation in your body

Checking for inflammation of the gums is a routine procedure conducted by the dental hygienist. It is called bleeding on probing (BOP). Several sites of BOP mean the patient has significant risk for periodontal disease. And, as reported by a study some time ago, BOP predicts elevated inflammation in the body as measured by C-reactive […]

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