Prevora’s formulation

Prevora is uniquely formulated to manage the biological cause of poor oral health – oral dysbiosis (Figure 1):

  • Prevora is a high-strength, broad-spectrum antiseptic (chlorhexidine 10%) which can penetrate the biofilm and reduce harmful bacteria.
  • Prevora is bactericidal to a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria for up to 3 days and is inhibitory for months. This prolonged antibacterial action is due to (a) the high strength of chlorhexidine, (b) a time-releasing organic matrix in this medication, and (c) the use of a methacrylate sealant.
  • Prevora is not metabolized, and has no observed cytotoxicity because it is applied only to the hard tissues where it slowly releases chlorhexidine.
  • There is no known microbial resistance to Prevora.
  • Prevora does not stain the teeth.
  • Safety is assured. Over thousands of treatments, there have been no reported serious adverse events. Side effects are minor, transient and localized to the mouth. They occur at a rate of under 5 per 100 treatments and involve a temporary coating sensation on the teeth, a short bitter taste, and a short stinging of the oral mucosa. None of these side effects have stopped the patient from continuing on the Prevora treatment plan.

The emergence of bacterial dysbiosis to cause poor oral health
Figure 1 The emergence of bacterial dysbiosis to cause poor oral health

With chronic oral diseases, treatment success can often be determined by patient adherence to the treatment plan. Prevora patients are commonly the most loyal patients with significant compliance to the treatment. This may be attributed to the pain-free application and the success of treatment.

prevora product shot

Prevora consists of two coatings: Stage 1 and Stage 2. These coatings are consecutively applied to the full dentition up to and including the gum line.

Prevora Stage 1 is a prescription drug (DIN 02046245) approved by Health Canada for the reduction of root caries in high-risk adults.

Root caries is closely inter-related with periodontal inflammation. In years of studies and real world experience in high-risk adults, Prevora has protected both the hard and soft tissues from oral dysbiosis.

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