Prevora’s cost savings

Prevora patients enjoy years without cavities and oral inflammation.

Moreover, there may be an important medical benefit from Prevora. Numerous studies show improved oral health can reduce the risks for other chronic medical conditions such as unstable diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cognitive confusion, growing frailty and other chronic disorders.

Speak with your healthcare professional about the cost of Prevora. Compared to more cavities, crowns, implants or extractions, Prevora is a very cost effective program of oral healthcare.

bruce burchart 2011

For years I had several cavities when I visited the dentist. So I asked about Prevora and since my treatment with Prevora ten years ago, I have been cavity free!
- Bruce, Toronto, ON

The costs of cavities: 2 of these 3 teeth have fillings caused by tooth decay. And likely over the next 3 years, these 2 teeth will require more dental surgery involving an implant and perhaps a crown, costing thousands of dollars.  For this high risk patient, Prevora is a very economical approach to improving oral health.

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