Preventive oral healthcare becomes a medical procedure

“It is just a cleaning” is a common perception of oral healthcare.

Yet there is growing scientific evidence that keeping your mouth healthy by avoiding cavities and bleeding and sore gums, is critically important to your overall health.

Your mouth is a hive of bacteria. There are 700 or so different types of oral bacteria, all crowded into your dental plaque or sitting in a film on your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue.

Most of the time, these bacteria live in harmony with you, their host.

But when we age, have other conditions such as diabetes, take a lot of medications daily, or quite can’t keep up our daily oral hygiene, some of these bacteria can begin to dominate the dental plaque.

There is a medical term for this change in oral bacteria. It is called “oral dysbiosis”.

And oral dysbiosis is a medical problem requiring far more than just a cleaning.

It requires attention by your hygienist and perhaps by a new medication called Prevora.

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