CHX partners with PyM to prepare UK marketing plan for Prevora

May 2020

CHX Technologies (CHX), the developer of Prevora, announced it has partnered with Protect Your Mouth (PyM) of Northampton, England to prepare for Prevora's launch in the United Kingdom.

Prevora is uniquely approved in the UK for the prevention of tooth decay in high risk adults.

PyM is focused on independent hygienists who have direct access to private pay patients  and on dental practices working under capitated reimbursement.

The partners expect to launch Prevora in the UK in 2022.

Health Canada approves the study protocol for the GERAS - CHX study of Prevora's effect on mild cognitive impairment

May 2021

Health Canada has approved the protocol for a study of Prevora's abilities to alter cognitive function in patients with mild cognitive impairment. This study was designed by the GERAS Centre for Aging Research, McMaster University, and CHX Technologies. The study is expected to commence in mid 2022.

Numerous scientific studies show there are several oral bacteria which are neuro-inflammatory and neuro-degenerative.  As a broad spectrum antiseptic, Prevora may treat these bacteria in the mouth, to an extent that cognitive function may be changed.

The study will enrol 50 patients with mild cognitive impairment and chronic oral inflammation for a treatment and observation period of 9 months. Results are expected in 2023.

Prevora's new manufacturer completes engineering studies

August 2021

Groupe Parima (Montreal), a contract pharmaceutical manufacturer, successfully completed engineering studies of Prevora's manufacturing for the Canadian and UK market. As a result, Groupe Parima will commence the manufacture of commercial batches for validation of its process by regulatory authorities in Canada and Europe.  Commercial inventory for sale in Canada is scheduled for early 2022 and for the UK in mid 2022.

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